Anisha (Star Academy) tries a daring bet on the ratings, Internet users are dead of shame for her

This Tuesday, November 22, the students of Star Academy went to their last assessments. And during the minute of improvisation, Anisha tried a touch of humor which did not fail to annoy Internet users.

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D-4 before the grand finale of the star Academy. Saturday November 26, TF1 will air the show’s ultimate bounty presented by Nikos Aliagas. But who will succeed Jenifer or even Nolwenn Leroy? In the meantime, the students are enjoying their last hours in the Dammarie-les-lys castle. And this Tuesday, November 22, Louis, Enola, Léa and Anisha have not escaped the latest evaluations. And for the occasion, the academicians had to interpret a title composed especially for them by artists like Vitaa or Slimane.

I will die of embarrassment

Whether Leah was lucky to have a song composed by Vitaa, Anisha sang a title from Camellia Jordana. The big winner of these evaluations will then have the chance to perform this title during the ultimate bonus this Saturday, November 26 on TF1. And Michael Goldman had also launched another challenge to the apprentice singers: to surprise the teachers of the star Academy. For this, they will all have one minute not sung to improvise in front of Yanis Marshall, Laura Balon or even Adeline Toniutti. An exercise that Anisha tried to do. And for this, the young woman – which received the support of the President of Madagascar – pulled out the humor card. This one therefore tried to make her audience laugh with a few puns which unfortunately fell into the water. And it is not the Internet users who will be able to say the opposite. “I’ll bang my head against the wall, it’s too awkward“, can we read on Twitter. “I’m embarrassed by Anisha’s improv“, “I will die of embarrassment. Anisha I love you too much but there it is not possible“, “It’s unease incarnate“wrote netizens.

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Ridicule does not kill

And if the fans of the star Academy were shocked upon discovering the performance ofAnisha, the teachers did not seem very comfortable with this. “It was short but I still had some…“, first launched the student before being taken over by Michael Goldman: “Oh I assure you, it was there huh… It’s good we ended there“. After her evaluation, the young woman therefore joined her comrades. “We were half embarrassed half convinced. You didn’t let go after“, launched Enola first. “It was surprising, I think the teachers never saw it like that“, meanwhile confessed Lea. “The goal was to be annoying. Ridicule does not kill“, tried to explain Anisha. One thing is certain, the bet seems successful …

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"It's too embarrassing" "It's unease incarnate" : Anisha (Star Academy) tries a daring bet on the ratings, Internet users are ashamed for her

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