Patrick Fiori was reportedly ruthless with Anisha during Star Academy’s final prime. The young girl’s look at Julien says a lot about what happened next.

Anisha: a dream come true

Star Academy is a show made to discover many talents. Some artists have also started their careers thanks to the show. It is in the telecrochet of TF1 that the small Anisha had distinguished herself.

Originally from Sannois in Val-d’Oise and the Île-de-France region, she had obtained her baccalaureate at 16. But even if she is studying management, his passion for music led him to participate in this very popular show. She would also live it like a dream.

Anisha confides in Star Academy

The young 22-year-old artist continues her secrets about her past. She says she lived in difficult conditions when she was little. This competition is therefore a way for Anisha to take her revenge. She also adds that music plays a big role in his life.

Naturally anxious, she had set herself two goals in this competition. That of “living permanently with people and being in the light. “. And tonight, his duet with Patrick Fiori seems to highlight it.

Star Academy: Anisha’s look says it all

During the last prime, we can say that the talented favorite had ignited the scene. In duet with Patrick Fiori, they had sung the title “I’m going” together. This song had also been composed by the coach of The Voice Kids. It was even part of the album “Un air de famille”. To describe their performance, we can say that the two artists led the public in search of the child in them.

The one who guides the steps of everyone in moments of innocence. To achieve this result, Anisha had to work hard during rehearsals. A Star Academy fan even said the song wasn’t for her. Also the singer had sent a message of distress to Julien during the Prime. Despite everything, the academician would be quite confident of the result.