and now, Laurent Marti must decide

Laurent Marti was able to tell his coach of his concern about the club’s sporting situation. After ten days, the UBB is in 11th place, far from its objectives. He was able to express to him his misunderstanding on specific points of his management but also to open up on a certain number of other grievances which concern the multiple ancillary activities of his trainer (vineyards, seminars, RMC) and all that has been polluting for months the relationship between the two men.

Direct line

For his part, Christophe Urios also had grievances to make. Since the end of last season, the climate around the team has not been the same and the coach may have had the feeling that he was no longer the only master on board. In fact, Laurent Marti, who had entrusted the keys to the house to Urios, has again regained control of certain sectors such as recruitment. And the conflict which opposed the players of the UBB and the coach before the final stages last season undoubtedly prompted him to reinstall a direct line with executives of the group.

But now that this first meeting has taken place, Laurent Marti will have to decide. Separate immediately from Christophe Urios or try to find a modus vivendi to complete the current season because it seems certain that the former coach of Castres will not complete his contract in 2025. The alternative is both simple and complex.

A damaged relationship

Financially, this divorce will have a high cost. Urios has two and a half seasons left on his contract. To replace him, Laurent Marti is thinking of Yannick Bru. The former Bayonne coach, who is currently working in South Africa at the Durban Sharks, met the UBB president last Tuesday. They hung. But Bru, who was taking advantage of the international break to return to France, did not necessarily imagine himself landing in a hurry. He would like to be able to build his staff first. But he is ready, according to our sources, to roll up his sleeves. Especially since he could initially rely on one of Laurent Marti’s recruits: Christophe Laussucq, a recognized and experienced technician whom the president went to look for last spring to occupy a cross-functional role, on recruitment and young people.

The conviction that between the coach and his group, the relationship is deeply damaged.

So much for the immediate separation option. The other option, that of maintaining Christophe Urios at least until the end of the season, will obviously be less expensive. But it poses a risk. To what extent will the latter manage to raise the bar on the sporting level and restore a harmonious relationship with his players?

Because what precipitated Laurent Marti to want to turn the Urios page early, it is also the conviction that between the coach and his group, the relationship is deeply damaged. The conflict that pitted him against the players in the spring has left its mark. Some wondered if Urios would resume this summer. After three seasons, his speech has not been renewed and his management like his egocentric posture no longer passes. Important players, and not just Matthieu Jalibert, are thinking of leaving.

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