An expected thunderclap!

While he could fear for his presence at the World Cup in Qatar, Olivier Giroud received a call from Didier Deschamps a few hours before the announcement.

Olivier Giroud knew what to expect when Didier Deschamps announced the list for the World Cup. And not only because the media had been saying for several days that the AC Milan striker had finally finished convincing the French coach and would indeed be on an adventure in Qatar. The Savoyard was indeed warned by Didier Deschamps in person.

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He called me three hours before the announcement. He wanted to talk to me and let me know he was taking me to Qatar,” he thus revealed at the microphone of All Sportswhile unsuccessful players like Jonathan Clauss were not notified in advance of their non-selection. “I’m in the mindset of a player who may be playing his last international competition. I want to enjoy every moment, added the Milanese. It’s a great opportunity to defend your country. You always have to believe in it. I was disappointed not to have been called up after the Euro. It gave me even more motivation to come back. »

The coach will need everyone

And if Olivier Giroud’s priority is obviously to see the Blues shine, this World Cup in Qatar could also allow him to become the top scorer in the history of the France team. With 49 goals, the former Montpellier player has Thierry Henry’s record in his sights. “Only two goals left to equal it and three to overtake it. It’s already an honor to be in second place behind Titi. If I manage to pass him or get closer, it will only be a bonus”, did he blow.

With one and only goal – against Switzerland in 2014 – in 12 matches played in the World Cup, Olivier Giroud will have to step up the pace. And this despite a playing time that should be limited. The coach will need everyone. When he calls on me, I will make sure to be ready and to respond by trying to be decisive for the team.assured the native of Grenoble.

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