Alcohol Controlled, Clothing Encouraged, Hugs Not Recommended: Everything You Need to Know Before Going to Qatar

If you have a little patience, the guide is 128 pages. It is freely accessible. For those who are going to visit Qatar, reading is essential because it offers everything you need to know about this world Cup so strange and the practices that have to be observed in and around Doha.

Alcohol is allowed but not in the stadiums

For the first time, the World Cup takes place in a Muslim country which prohibits the consumption of alcohol. As Fifa reminds us, “alcohol is not part of the local culture” but during the World Cup, it will be available for sale and consumption in certain restaurants and bars. During the entire World Cup, alcohol will be authorized in several defined places including in the fan zone set up by Fifa. Fans will also be able to buy alcoholic beverages near the stadium, “three hours before kick-off and one hour after the final whistle”.

That said, the sale and consumption of alcohol will be prohibited inside the eight stadiums. FIFA further states that it is “prohibited to drink alcohol outside designated areas and illegal to import alcohol into Qatar from abroad. »

Local colored clothing recommended

How to dress in Qatar? The issue of clothing is settled in the document. Except in rare cases, visiting official buildings or museums, there are no restrictions or restrictions on clothing. “People can generally wear the clothes of their choice, promises Fifa. But shoulders and knees should be covered when visiting public places. To make local color, supporters are invited to discover and wear traditional outfits: a long white shirt called thobe, loose white pants called Izar and a ghutra as a headgear. Of course, bathing suits are prohibited. Be careful too, Fifa warns travelers: In Qatar, a Muslim country, the first day of the working week is Sunday.

Hugs ? Yes not but too much!

The organizers promise that all supporters are welcome, even LGBT fans while homosexuality in Qatar is a crime. In the streets of Doha and elsewhere, however, it will not be well seen to show affection in public, especially with someone of the same sex. Fifa remains rather vague in its official guide, recalling that “public displays of affection are not part of the local culture”. She also indicates that nothing forbids partying and “making new friends”. It’s already that.

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