Aion 2 – Aion 2 aims to become “an important MMORPG on the Western market”

NCsoft notes the development of “service games” in the West and accordingly, Aion 2 is designed to meet this expectation and will therefore be launched worldwide simultaneously on PC and mobile platforms.

Aion 2

As part of the G-Star 2018, NCsoft announced the development ofAion 2 and then presented it as a MMORPGs mobile intended to be “more successful” than its mobile equivalent. In four years, the MMORPG market in Korea has evolved (the mobile MMO market is saturated), as have the priorities of NCsoft (which is eyeing more internationally). As part of the presentation of its quarterly accounts on Friday, the South Korean giant was asked about the future of Aion 2 and the developer clarified its objectives.

According to director Lee Jang-wook, Aion 2 is now taking the form of a next-generation MMORPG made with the Unreal Engine 5, intended for global distribution (the game is to be released simultaneously worldwide) and cross-platform distributed on PC and mobiles – and no longer a mobile-only MMO intended first for the Korean market, as planned in 2018.

We especially remember the global ambition of the project: according to Lee Jang-wook, the first aion recorded a turnover of 100 billion won in North America and Europe ten years ago, and according to NCsoft, Western gamers’ appetite for MMORPGs has grown since then – NCsoft sees the results of Black Desert Where Lost Ark in the West, but also the development of “service games”. Lee Jang-wook specifies: “the market is larger than in the past [quand le premier Aion est sorti]the multiplayer component of RPG is growing in the western world and it is becoming more and more important to generate sales through the live-service ; Aion 2 is being developed to respond to these changes in the market environment”. And to conclude: “Aion 2 is designed to become an important MMORPG on the Western market”.
For the record, initially, NCsoft was considering a release of Aion 2 (on mobile) in the course of 2021, before the release date was pushed back to 2022. Today, the developer no longer communicates a release date .


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