After the shock episode, fans have to wait a month to see the rest!

While everyone was going to a charity evening organized by the town hall, a good number of characters collapsed on the ground without anyone understanding what was really going on. Christelle, Sylvain, Manon, Aurore, Romy, Alex, Anna, Karim, Camille, Emma as well as Raphaëlle, Georges, Victoire, Adam, Sara, Chloé, Pierre, Charlie and François will they survive this incident? Did the food that was served have any poison in it? Will William, who fell from the top of the stairs, survive his fall? Was it pushed or did it fall on its own? If he survives, will he and Aurore really get divorced?
Who surprised Alex and Emma kissing, when the latter, by surprise, stole a kiss from him?

Audrey, who refused Damien’s marriage proposal, will she reconsider her decision? These are all the questions that remain unanswered after this shocking episode. This leaves us with an unbearable expectation. However, it is clear that fans of the program will have to wait a whole month before their favorite soap opera returns to punctuate their evening since the sending of the World Cup will be launched on November 20. “To avoid irregularity in the broadcasts of the series and to preserve the good follow-up of the viewers“, the front page will therefore not broadcast DNA between November 20 and December 18 inclusive to leave the way free for football. During this period, the evening news will be brought forward to 7.15 p.m. to leave the field free for the matches which will be broadcast from from 8 p.m.

The TF1 series will therefore be back on December 19 on TF1 at its usual schedule to answer all the questions left unanswered in this last episode. But good news for all those who follow diligently tomorrow belongs to us : they will still have the opportunity to find their favorite series every day…but not on TF1. It is on the social networks that will take place this daily meeting with the heroes of Sète.



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