A smartphone spotted at an Elvis Presley concert in 1977?

What would you do if you could time travel? It’s a safe bet that for many rock fans in general and the King in particular, too young to have seen him on stage, going to attend an Elvis Presley concert would be a hardly surprising response. And why not his very last tour in June 1977, two months before his death, on August 16 of the same year?

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For two concerts, in Omaha, Nebraska on June 19 and Rapid City, South Dakota, CBS cameras are on hand to capture footage for an Elvis special that will never air. in his lifetime.

But, according to particularly attentive fans on Reddit, CBS could have captured a sequence much more incredible than the swan song of the god of rock: for a few moments, we see in the audience a spectator brandishing a flat, rectangular object.

The images inevitably evoke a scene that is commonplace today but impossible in 1977: a fan filming the concert with her mobile phone! Very quickly, the buzz spread like wildfire among paranormal enthusiasts: “Wow, I watched the sequence 50 times and I can’t see anything but an iPhone” writes a user of Reddit. More suspicious, another wonders if it is not one of “those technologies reserved for the elite of the years before they were…

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