A new case of failure of a 12VHPWR cable appears

Unfortunately for Nvidia the cast of the 12VHPWR cable is making a comeback after several weeks of silence. This time the failure is not from a harness of the brand but from a custom cable designed and manufactured by CableMod.

CableMod was one of the first to announce the development of a custom 12VHPWR cable following the launch of the GeForce RTX 4090. During the first incidents with this new connection Nvidia quickly noticed that the problem occurred when the user did not connect the cable correctly. These new 16-pin cables are indeed more demanding to be fully connected, so it is quite easy to end up with a badly connected configuration. Since this official declaration, the number of cases of failure has considerably collapsed, confirming Nvidia’s statements.

However a user of Reddit bought a custom cable from CableMod. In his intervention he claims to have connected it correctly until he heard the famous locking “click”. Yet at the sight of the pictures posted the cable is clearly melted.

The good news is that the graphics card did not suffer.

CableMod took the floor by indicating that if one of its cables was defective and the graphics card suffered, all repairs would be covered under warranty.

The case is one to watch as it is the first reported case of a personality cable melting. It would be interesting if CableMod publishes its findings in order to know whether or not the cable was correctly connected.

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