A member of the royal family has completely slipped up in front of his stepmother…

How to react when you find yourself in sexy underwear in front of your stepmother? And even worse, when his stepmother is Princess Anne, sister of King Charles III? Well Mike Tindall, married to Zara Phillips, the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, offered some answers on Monday! Hilarious, the former rugby player has indeed confided in the personalities who share the poster of the reality TV show I’m a celebrity get me out of herein which he got involved a few weeks ago.

A decision that would have cringed at the highest level of the royal family: Prince William and Kate Middleton would not have been very happy for a member of the clan to expose himself in a reality TV show. The couple from Wales, however, did not have a say in the decision of Mike Tindall (whom they seem to appreciate a lot by the way). Indeed, the former rugby player and his wife are not senior members of the royal family and are very far in the order of succession.

This allows the athlete to be able to keep his podcast on rugby, but also to confide regularly on the major events that occur in the royal family. After the Jubilee, he notably commented on the attitude of little Prince Louis, and thanked people for the love given to the entire royal clan once the funeral of Elizabeth II was over.

Because despite his rank, Mike Tindall was one of these ten…

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