A forklift burned near the Europa building in Saint-Denis, residents evacuated

A construction machine caught fire shortly after 6 p.m. in the city center of Saint-Denis, rue Henri Vavasseur. The flames took in particular in a forklift and reached construction materials as well as a dumpster. According to a person who works in the construction sector, the fire began to crackle at the level of the forklift’s basket.

The fire broke out in the Boulevard Lancastel sector at the foot of the Europa building, the site of the former ANPE agency. The apartment building, which now houses an emergency accommodation center, was evacuated and around 300 people were sheltered while the firefighters intervened. A firefighter was injured in the arm, not serious, during the fire extinguishing operation.

The sector should be avoided to facilitate the intervention of the emergency services.

(AR on site)


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