A Danish journalist threatened in the middle of filming / Mondial 2022 / SOFOOT.com

Yes yes, Qatar is an open country, the proof.

Rasmus Tantholdt must have been very hot on Tuesday, and not because of the Qatari temperatures. This Danish journalist was indeed apprehended in the middle of filming on the public highway by a security guard. The latter arrives in a cart and, with authority, puts his hand on the camera before threatening to break it. But Tantholdt does not disassemble and takes out his accreditation, affirming that he does indeed have the right to film.

Later, the Dane was questioned by the Norwegian TV channel NRK, to which he clarified that “the agents misunderstood the situation, but that says a lot about what is happening in Qatar” . The scene has already made the rounds on social networks, and the bad reputation of the Gulf country is not going to improve with this video. Rasmus Tantholdt simply concludes by stating that Qatar “is not a free and democratic country” while specifying that he has since received an apology from the Organizing Committee.

But “everyone is welcome in Qatar” eh.


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