a counter will open on Saturday for businesses

published on Friday, November 18, 2022 at 8:52 p.m.

This aid, paid to companies whose energy bill has increased by more than 50% in one year, represents a total of approximately 10 billion euros.

After the announcement, the move to action: the new help desk for businesses for the payment of electricity bills will open on Saturday, November 19, announced the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The government announced on October 27 new aid to support companies facing the explosion of their energy bills, with a total envelope of around 10 billion euros.

He had indicated in particular that he was going to simplify an already existing system, but too complex and therefore underused, with the establishment of a one-stop shop allowing companies whose energy bills (gas, electricity but also heat and cold ) have increased by at least 50% from 2022 to obtain aid, with the possibility of requesting a down payment. All companies can benefit until December 31, 2022 from aid for the payment of electricity bills up to 4 million euros, recalls Bercy on Friday.

For the months of September and October 2022, the aid application counter will be open from Saturday 19 November. The one for the next period, November and December 2022, will be open in early 2023.

Who can benefit from this aid, and how?

For a company to benefit from these aids, “the price of energy during the aid application period (September and/or October 2022) must have increased by 50% compared to the average price paid in 2021”, it was specified. Energy expenses during the aid application period must also “represent more than 3% of 2021 turnover”.

To apply for aid, the company must provide its energy bills for September and/or October 2022 and bills for 2021; the bank details of the company (RIB); the aid calculation file made available to them on the tax website, and a sworn statement attesting that the company meets the conditions and the accuracy of the information declared.

At the same time, the “electricity buffer” system will come into force on January 1, 2023. It aims for the State to cover part of the 2023 bill for small and very small businesses, but also local authorities, hospitals, universities and associations, which do not have access to the tariff shield. This device will not “require any file”, specified the government.

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