a chemical experiment goes wrong in class, several students are burned

Eleven children and a teacher suffered multiple burns in class on Monday following an explosion. Gusts of wind would have caused this accident.

The science experiment went wrong. At a primary school in northern Sydney, eleven children aged around 10 and a teacher suffered body burns on Monday, including to the face, chest, lower abdomen and legs, following a chemical explosion in the classroom.

According The Sydney Morning Herald, two children are said to be in serious condition. One was taken by helicopter to Westmead Children’s Hospital, while the other was taken to the same hospital by ambulance. They were aware.

Strong winds caused the accident

An official from Ambulance NSW, Philip Templeman, suggested to the local Australian newspaper that gusts of wind had blown chemicals used in the “fairly routine science experiment”, triggering a “bigger reaction than expected”.


The other nine students were taken to Royal North Shore and Northern Beaches hospitals. According to The Guardianthe adult was also treated for minor injuries, but was not hospitalized.

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