7 changes to the next iPhone range

iPhone 15 is coming soon, with major changes. We go around everything that will change on the next Apple smartphone.

iPhone 15: 8GB Ram, USB-C, end of buttons and everything that will change on the next iPhone range

A few days later the release of the iPhone 14Apple engineers are already fully on iPhone 15. The latter should arrive with a major revolution of everything we already know about smartphones from the Cupertino company. To this end, rumors are already swirling around specialists. We have selected the most credible on the iPhone 15 which should coming out in september 2023. Discover them!

USB-C replaces Lightning port

Despite its attachment to its connectivity, the lightning port, Apple no longer has a choice. The manufacturer must comply with European Union requirements. The EU has in fact obliged all smartphone manufacturers to equip their device with the USB-C port from 2024.

USB-C replaces Lightning port

Since the iPhone 15 should be released in September 2023, it makes sense that the manufacturer anticipates to comply, at the risk of suffering reprisals.

The very powerful A17 chip for the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max should perform very well when released. For good reason, they will be equipped with the A17 chip (3nm) from the Taiwanese supplier TSMC. This should allow them to better manage their autonomy. A performance that should undoubtedly exceed what is done on the market, when we know that the iPhone 14 Pro is one of the best in terms of autonomy currently. However, it only has an A16 chip.

Dynamic Island for all iPhone 15

Unless you don’t have an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, you surely know what the Dynamic Island is. It is indeed a new feature that allows you to display information (calls, music, etc.) at the top of the screen without interrupting navigation on the smartphone.

At the moment, only these two iPhone 14 models have it. What should change with the iPhone 15: all models in this range should be equipped with it.

8 GB RAM for all iPhone 15 models

Apple will increase the RAM of all iPhone 15 models. Currently, iPhone 14s come with 6GB RAM. The next range will gain two more. The iPhone 15 models will therefore have 8 GB of RAM.

End of power and volume buttons

This should be a major revolution in smartphones. As for some iPhone 14 models that only have e-simtwo high-end models of iPhone 15 should not have buttons. The American manufacturer is seriously thinking about removing the ignition and volume buttons. These should be replaced by haptic sensors which would send back a vibration to let the user know they pressed something.

A periscope lens and a high-performance zoom

If you are used to buying Apple smartphones for their performance in photographyyou will probably buy iphone 15. Indeed, it will be the first smartphone to be equipped witha periscope lens for the camera. This should allow make the zoom ultra-efficient. Instead of the 3x currently offered by the iPhone 14, the iPhone 15 should offer up to 5x. However, according to rumors, only the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max should have it.

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More iPhone Pro Max? Surely the iPhone Ultra

According to Bloomberg journalists, it is not certain that users will be able to buy an iPhone 15 Pro Max in 2023. For good reason, the Cupertino company could rename the model and baptize it iPhone 15 Ultra.

Besides, it wouldn’t be a new thing. Indeed, the current high-end model of Apple Watch is already called Apple Watch Ultra.

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