2022 World Cup. Why so many empty seats in stadiums in Qatar?

Qatar had however announced before the competition that it had sold 2.9 million tickets, more than Russia during the previous edition of the World Cup. However, except for the headliners or Saudi Arabia’s game against Germany, the speakers ring hollow, especially in the stands where the Qataris have bought their seats. And especially at the start of the second half, when the latter are struggling to leave the catering area. But also sometimes in full meeting, as during the opening match Qatar-Ecuador.

No black market

Another reason given was the large number of “no shows”, these spectators having bought a ticket but not coming to present it on the day of the match. But also the difficulty of buying tickets for resale due to the digitization of precious sesames. However, many football fans have become accustomed to going to the various competitions without tickets, with the project of buying them on the black market.

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